Auto Glass Tinting in Dartmouth

Does the glare from the sun and snow cause eye strain and fatigue while driving? We know it does. Superior Glass and Windshield Repair offers auto glass tinting in Dartmouth. Tinting your vehicle’s glass helps reduce heat and glare from the sunlight and blocks harmful rays. We use quality tinted auto glass from Sun Guard® to protect your vehicle. You can choose from the various shades of tint as per your convenience. Contact us now to take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty.

Advantages of Auto Glass Tinting

Auto glass tinting not only reduces 90% of the glare from the sun and snow, but also blocks harmful UV rays. The tints also reduce the heat inside the vehicle, leading to faster cooling. This helps save fuel and money. In case you are in an accident, the adhesive in the tint manages to hold the shattered glass together, reducing harm to you. The tints also save your car interiors and upholstery from cracking, fading, and premature aging. Call our representative today to get a quote on your auto glass requirements.

Keep It Cool

Tinted glass on vehicles can protect you from extreme heat.

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