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Glass doors, windows, and glass walls not only add to the aesthetic of the house but they also make the space look bigger and more open, and allow ample natural light. Cracks, seal failure, thermal breakage and other such problems can hamper the safety and beauty of your home. Superior Glazing can help you with proper and professional installation, repair, and maintenance of residential glass in Nova Scotia. We specialize in replacement of double-pane insulating glass units (also known as thermopanes) that can be caused due to seal failure, cracks, or breakage in vinyl and wooden windows. From tempered safety glass and insulating glass units for patio and garden doors to plate glass replacement in older storm, and wood or putty sash windows, we also have beautiful custom mirrors cut to fit, including cut-outs for light fixtures and electrical outlets.

You can contact us immediately for any emergency services. We are available 24/7.

Residential Glass Services

  • Thermopanes for

    • Wood windows

    • Vinyl windows

    • Aluminum windows

    • Sliding patio doors and garden doors

    • Skylights

    • Sunrooms

  • Single-pane plate glass for

    • Wood windows

    • Aluminum storm windows

    • Storm doors

    • Woodstove glass

  • Custom mirrors to measured to fit

    • Cut-outs for electrical fixtures

    • Cut-outs for light fixtures



With dozens of styles and finishes to choose from, you can design your own shower enclosures and railings with us. Either you can choose from our catalogue or our shower enclosure specialist can help you come up with a frameless design that will work with any layout. Apart from installation, we also offer services like fixing pivots, wall-mounts, doorless enclosures, sliding doors and more. You can have a custom shower enclosure in just about every configuration imaginable. From 10m clear tempered glass to privacy satin-etched glass, you can pick your choice, and we will cut it for you to fit perfectly into your layout.

We offer both outdoor and indoor glass railings. Our choice of outdoor glass railings and posts from Century Aluminium come in several durable finishes with safety glass panels. They are available in a choice of clear, smoke, bronze, and frosted. The indoor railings however are specialized in post-and-clamp systems. These railings utilize thicker glass and have no top rails to obstruct your view.

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waterstone shower.jpg
ultimate shower 2.jpg
tulip shower 2.jpg
sunnylea shower 1.jpg
long lake shower 1.jpg


We offer custom glass installation services for residential purposes.

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