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While working in an office setting or staying at home, bright sunlight and glare from your windows can have a lasting effect on your eyes. This is associated with eyestrain and headaches, so protect your family and employees with the help of Superior Glazing. Prevent unwanted heat gain in summer, and protect furniture, art, floors and curtains from fading due to harmful UV rays. We provide window films and tinted glass solutions in Nova Scotia, for residential and commercial buildings. We also have a variety of frost finishes for increased privacy and designer series films to beautify your office partitions, boardrooms, waiting rooms, and more. Contact us now to get a quote. Our representative will come to the site, assess the problem, and offer you a Sun Guard® solution for your problem.


  • Reduces fatigue
    Tinting restricts the bright sunlight into your home or office, reducing fatigue and strain that can be caused by staying in direct sunlight

  • Blocks harmful rays
    Tinting gives you the opportunity to have natural light without the harmful UV rays. This allows you to have an open feel to your office or home without any discomfort. 

  • Safety
    The tint restricts anyone from peeping into your office or home from the outside. In case of vandalism, the adhesive on the tint film keeps the glass from shattering too much.

  • Investment protection
    This protects your investment such as drapes, furniture, wood products, art and other things from fading or deteriorating in direct sunlight. 

  • Saves energy and money
    Tint films cut down 70% of the heat and help you cool the room faster. This results in reduced use of air conditioner and helps you save on energy and money

  • Security
    Slow down and prevent burglars from breaking in, with our security film product line.


Tint your large windows to protect yourself and your investment.

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